Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thieves Steal Poppy Charity Box from Croydon Chip Shop

Heartless thieves have stolen a Poppy Collection box from Danny’s Fish and Chips in Old Coulsdon on Saturday, according to a report in the Croydon Advertiser.

The shop’s owner Danny Tevfik said he was especially upset given the poignancy of this year’s centenary commemorations of the First World War.

“Hopefully the police will catch the scumbag,” said Danny, who runs the award-winning shop with his wife Nursen and son Anil, helped by other full and part-time staff.
“I was gone out the back of the shop for five minutes and my wife was in the shop. The guy ran in, grabbed the tin and ran back out, towards Marlpit Lane.”
Police are appealing for witnesses.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Croydon by-election expected as Labour’s Andrew Pelling Targets Camden

CROYDON Labour’s flagship candidate has been hotly tipped to become the official Parliamentary Candidate for Holborn and St Pancras – triggering a costly by-election in the swing ward of Waddon, to which he was elected this May. 

According to a report in the Camden New Journal, Pelling was signed up to compete for the Parliamentary seat against other Labour big hitters.

A Tory source said, “It’s well known that Pelling was using Waddon as a stepping stone so he could get back into Parliament. His Labour colleagues must be very disappointed that they’ll be facing a by-election in Waddon because of his self-serving actions.”

Pelling, who threatened legal action against Labour colleagues last year, quit the Tories after his ex-wife accused him of assault

Monday, 16 June 2014

Croydon Labour Under Pressure Over Riots and Illegal Rave

Shocking: Croydon under Labour
BUMBLING Croydon Labour chiefs are coming under heavy pressure to explain why they were slow to act after a major illegal rave rocked the town and horrified local residents.

Conservative Councillor Mario Creatura heaped pressure on the local Labour leader by asked, “Can you tell us when you'll get the Post Office site secure and back into use? Do you have an ETA to calm worried residents?”

Another concerned resident tweeted, “Days after Labour take Croydon Council, we have serious situation in town. Clean it up Labour.”

Local copper, Inspector Dave Sutton of Croydon police told reporters, ‘Although the decision was taken to allow the event to continue while preventing further large numbers of people from gaining entry, police in Croydon will not tolerate violent disorder in any form.

Previously Croydon Labour candidates were ordered to sign contracts to prevent them from skipping work.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Croydon Labour leader Tony Newman announces of his first cabinet

Top Labour Team
CROYDON Labour leader Tony Newman has unveiled his top team following a sensation victory in the local elections. Popular Councillor Stuart Collins has been given the brief of Clean Green Croydon in a newly created post of deputy. Respected Councillor Louisa Woodley will oversee safety and justice, whilst a new cabinet role of transport and environment has been created and will be taken on by rising star Councillor Kathy Bee.

Meanwhile senior Councillor Toni Letts will handle the portfolio of finance, a challenging brief but one well within her ability and experience to deliver on. Councillor Letts, a vocal spokesperson on domestic violence has captivated the imagination of Croydon’s women with her emotional account of her own experience of domestic abuse two years ago.

But there are already signs of rumblings in the Labour group, with Ms. Letts’ appointment being raised as a potential ‘conflict of interest’ by one Labour blog.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

UKIP Voters Hand Labour the Keys to Croydon

UKIP protest voters have helped the Labour Party take control of the London Borough of Croydon. Despite a flawed campaign with mixed messages, dodgy candidates and a record of increasing Council Tax by 27% in a single year, the Labour Group sleepwalked to victory due to a rise on UKIP votes, costing the Conservatives the critical wards of Waddon and Ashburton. 

Residents are now eagerly awaiting the formal appointment of the bitterly divided Labour group to see how it performs in office. The group has already called and emergency budget which will include costing an allocation of its supersize shopping list of election pledges. There are fears that delivering these promises on a shoestring budget can only be achieved by deep cuts to public services, a large Council Tax Rise or eating into the Council’s treasured reserve fund. History is a about to repeat itself

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Labour on Course to Lose Croydon as Party Abandons Swing Ward

Colourful Character: Labour voters have failed to warm to Andrew Pelling
The Croydon Labour Party’s heroic bid to reclaim the swing ward of Waddon has spectacularly failed, with all resources being diverted to Ashburton. Private Polling from the Conservatives has shown a bounce in support for the group following its policy to freeze Council Tax and the launch of the new leisure centre.

Eye witnesses have told The Croydon Gazette that there are no tellers at the polling stations in Waddon, even in some of Labour’s best areas. The revelations fly in the face of Labour Leader Tony Newman’s recent claims that he has picked a ‘dream team’ for the area.

Rewind just two years ago during the Mayoral elections and Waddon was a polled as a decisive Labour win. All that changed when the group appointed controversial former Tory Andrew Pelling whose electromagnetic ability to attract negative publicity has derailed the Labour Party’s campaign.

A former Conservative colleague of Pelling told this newspaper, “Andrew will explode like a volcano if he doesn’t get in, he was clearly planning to take over the Labour Group, become a Labour MP and challenge Ed Miliband for party leader. Since he was caught secretly standing in Carshalton, Labour and the people of Waddon have been very suspicious of him and that has seriously damaged Labour’s campaign in Waddon.

The source continued, “If he fails in what should be an easy win for Labour, there will be question marks over whether he has lost his mojo and is actually repelling voters as a political liability. Croydon Labour need a winner, not a loser, and Andrew’s repeated political failures put him firmly in the loser category.”

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Would-be Croydon Labour MP Threatens Colleague Over Ex-wife Claims

Chilling: Leaked emails reveal a libel dispute in the Croydon Labour group
He’s been billed by the Labour party as the candidate who can ‘put the fear of God into people’, and by the looks of these leaked emails, Waddon candidate Andrew Pelling is living up to his reputation.

So when lifelong Labour supporter Anthony Miller wrote a piece on an incident involving the former Tory’s ex-wife, he soon found himself locked in a libel dispute in a string of chilling emails leaked to The Croydon Gazette.   

The emails, which were sent by Steven Downes, editor of the Inside Croydon blog, of which Pelling is special correspondent, warn Mr Miller that he will now have to live with the consequences of his actions. Pelling, now a high profile Labour Parliamentary candidate is clearly copied into the correspondence but does not respond to the mail chain.

The emails expose the bizarre and powerful influence Mr Pelling has over Mr Downes, a former journalist turned blogger, who is not thought to possess any formal legal qualifications.

The revelations follow a string of disclosures in the Croydon local press that the Labour group is ‘in turmoil and tearing itself apart. 

Mr Miller refused to comment on the emails when approached by the Croydon Gazette.